5 Favorite Mommy Apps | iPhone and Android

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If I am being completely honest here, when I first became a mom I felt so lost! I was always filled with questions about my baby – mostly about his health and milestones, but several other things as well. I’m serious, the questions were endless… That’s when I began my search for the perfect baby apps. I’ve downloaded countless apps in the 10 months of my baby’s life and narrowed it down to my 5 favorites! Listed below are the most helpful, user friendly apps that I’ve come across and fell in LOVE with. I’ve included some screen shots of the apps to give you an idea of what some of the features look like. I really don’t know how mom’s did it before technology.

  1. Sprout Baby: This was the first app I fell in love with because it has the easiest feeding tracker out of all the ones I’ve tried. That was my main concern when I was hunting for an app at that point. There would be times I was so tired while feeding my little one that I wouldn’t even remember him eating! So, I would use Sprout to time the feedings and always know the length and frequency of his feedings. It also would give me a weekly view, so I could keep track of his feeding patterns. You wouldn’t believe how helpful that is when planning appointments and/or outings. It also has trackers for diaper changes, pumping sessions, sleeping, and immunizations. On the main page of the app you will also find a monthly update for your baby as well as daily tips and activities for your baby! Another thing I love about this app is that you can document milestones with pictures! It’s so cute! Sprout Baby is available for download on iPhone (it really needs to get on Android devices because it’s amazing) and there is a free and paid version available.
  2. Peekaboo Moments: Another one of my favorites! This app allows you to upload photos, videos, diary entries, and gives you prompts of “time capsule” entries you can make for your baby. It also orders them by age which is probably my favorite thing about the app. I love that I can look back and see exactly how old my baby was when I took the pictures and videos! =) My main reason for downloading this app was so I could share these moments with my family and closest friends without having to put them on social media all the time. It makes it so easy to add your family members to the list and they are able to view these moments from afar, plus they are also able to add photos of their own to share with us! Peekaboo also has a feature that allows you to build photo books right from the app and you can order them or download as PDF and print them yourself. One last thing I really love about the app is that it give monthly updates on milestones and what milestones to be looking for in the upcoming month! It’s available on iPhone and Android for free!


  3. The Wonder Weeks: This is a wonderful development app. I love that it teaches you about your baby’s development and explains their behaviors and temperaments when they are going through all the different stages, called “Leaps” on this app. You’ll be able to learn the signs of the leaps, the abilities your child should have, and it offers a help section so you can learn about activities that will boost your baby’s development during each leap. It’s available on iPhone and Android with a cost of $1.99, I believe.
  4. Lyfeline Milestones: I’m obsessed with Lyfeline! It’s so much fun to play around with and is a truly genius program. You’ll learn so much about baby milestones and developments! Plus, it allows you to take assessments to find out exactly where your baby stands with their developments and then gives you activities and advice on how to improve your baby’s skills! With this app you can easily track and support all of the milestones your baby is reaching. It features gross motor, fine motor, self help, language, social, and physical developments. It also has a parenting category for advice and tips on ways to improve yourself. I just love that it gives you ideas for activities that are developmentally appropriate for your baby! Sometimes I run out of ideas for activities, so this app is able to spark my creativity again. It’s an absolute must have for parents! You can even invite family members to join you on the app so that everyone  is on the same page. It’s available on iPhone and Android with a free and premium version.
  5. WebMD Baby: This last one here is just a great app to have as a parent. I’ve used this countless times when my baby had fevers, rashes, weird ailments, etc. It truly helped keep me calm when things were going on with my baby’s health. It offers so much information about illnesses and injuries as well as gives you daily tips and articles to read.

These are the apps I use daily or, at the very least, every other day. Some of them definitely offer similar features, but I love them all for different reasons!


Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite parenting/mommy apps are.


See ya later! (:

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