Valentine’s for Infants | Free Printable


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Hello, hello!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I got a letter from my son’s daycare with a list of names stating they will be having a Valentine’s Day celebration. ME, a first time mom, was a little confused. “What am I supposed to send for infants? They can’t eat candy!” So I racked my brain to come up with something that the babies in his class can actually use and enjoy. I also wanted something affordable and easy because let’s face it… our time and money is precious.

First thing I did was a little bit of searching on Amazon and came across these adorable animal toys! They are around $8.00 for a pack of 9 toys. Since there are 8 other babies in the infant room it was perfect! The tub toys are so cute and work well for both male and female!


Next I came up with some cute little sayings to match up with each of the animals (such as.. You’re A-Rawr-Able, You’re Toad-ally Sweet, etc. You’ll find those here and here! I created two different colors of tags, in pink and green, so you can print your favorite!


After I printed and cut out my tags, I used a heart shaped hole punch to create a hole at the top in order to attach them to the animals with ribbon. This cute Valentine’s themed ribbon is from the Dollar Store. I used it to loop the tags on to each toy.


And here is the finished product! They are absolutely adorable and perfect to give as Valentine’s for infants.


What do you like to do for Valentines Day? Did you ever celebrate Valentine’s Day with infants?


See ya later! :]

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