January Favorites | 2016

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Hello! Happy February!

I hope everyone had a wonderful start to the new year! It really is hard to believe that it’s 2016! You would think after 26 years of life I would be used to how quickly the years pass. Ah well… the past year was a whirlwind! I welcomed my first child!!! It has been one of the most fulfilling, exhausting, loving, blissful years of my life!

Anyway… I wanted to share my January favorites. Last month was full of super moisturizing and hydrating products in my home since it finally got cold around here and my skin was suffering. Let’s get right into it!


My number one product this month was Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream! My skin had been so dry and I couldn’t find anything to help. I tried product after product and while some helped my skin feel hydrated right away, none of them kept my skin moisturized long term. Luckily, I received a sample of this product from Influenster and it was a lifesaver! I used it every morning and night and it kept my skin soft and hydrated all day.


Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave In Conditioner. Along with my face, my hair was also starting to feel very dry, so I began using this product every time I washed my hair and left it air dry. This product gave life and softness back to my hair after the first use!


Along with that, I’ve also been using the Living Proof PHD Dry Shampoo. I never like to wash my hair everyday, especially when I’m struggling with dryness. I love trying out new dry shampoo, so I picked this up at Ulta and was amazed at how well it cleaned my hair. It made it feel full again and gave my hair a break from needing washed.


Lush Sympathy for the Skin. This has been one of my favorite moisturizers for years! I mainly use it in the winter, but if I happen to get sunburn in the summer I use it then too. It provides such an intense moisture, but is lightweight at the same time. I also love that it has a very simple scent – like vanilla ice cream!


Another favorite of mine this month has been the NCLA So Rich Vitamin E Infused Cuticle Oil. This product really helps keep my cuticles and nails moisturized and healthy throughout the winter months! It smells amazing and absorbs quickly so you can move on with your day. The dropper makes it so easy to apply directly to my cuticles.


Lastly, was OPI Big Apple Red nail polish. Not a hydrating product, but I’ve been loving bright red nails all through December and January! This is the perfect, classic red! I imagine I’ll continue to use this shade all through February, too. It is the month of love after all!
What are some of your January favorites? What are you looking forward to in February?


See ya later! =)


14 thoughts on “January Favorites | 2016

  1. Elle says:

    Oh my! I am so out of the loop on skincare and beauty products. So this blog post is just what I needed. :-) I used to paint my nails everyday in my late teens, early twenties… your post has inspired me to go out and buy some colour and wear it with pride. :-)

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